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5 Must-Avoid Tips When Dating

  1. Don’t lie to yourself- We keep deceiving ourselves all the time. We keep avoiding reality and live in denial. This should not be done at all. We constantly deceive ourselves and this only leads to a bitter future when you are faced with the bleak reality of things. Keep a journal and keep track of all of your doings so that you are aware of what you are doing at all times and keep going back to them once you think you have lost track.
  2. Avoid Bad Habits: These are a part of you and affect your communication skills and behavior. It is difficult to keep changing habits especially the bad useless ones. The negative habits are difficult to remove. The negative habits over take your personality and this can make you highly unattractive to the opposite sex. You draw attention to yourself by the habits you keep so it is always useful to keep good habits and do not let negativity take over your life. Replace negative habits with positive habits.
  3. Do not apologize for being yourself– Don’t let anyone make you feel sorry for yourself or guilty about the things you do and pursue. It is very important to assert yourself as a person capable of making your own decisions. Don’t be sorry for doing the things that make you happy. Your life is no body’s business but your own. Do not be self conscious.
  4. Do not misbalance your Life– Learn to achieve balance in love, life and relationships. Develop an acute sense of logic which will help you face all challenged with a calm and resolute sense of being. Don’t let little problems sway you from your balance. Keep improving from the lessons you learn from your mistakes and apply it in life all the time. Balance is achieved by doing both right and wrong. The important thing is to never lose the sense of self amidst all the chaos and confusion.
  5. Do not expose your weakness– Do not go about whining and cribbing about the things that are wrong in you and your life. Know your friends and enemies and always know the right thing to say at the right time to the right person. Make a list of the people you need to avoid and do not trust. For the rest always maintain distance and never expose your weakness to them at the beginning stage of dating.

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